We aim to update this page with a wealth of information for you to use but for now we’d like to let you know we LGBTQ+ friendly and will work hard on broadening our knowledge base on this particular topic.

Many organisations have been delivering training on equality and diversity for many years, particularly covering gender, race and disability. Since the introduction in 2003 of legal protections for lesbian, gay and bisexual people at work, an increasing number of employers have extended their existing training to include sexual orientation. Some provide stand-alone training on LGBTQ+ issues.

Equality and diversity training provides employees with guidance on how to act in accordance with the law as well as with the organisation’s policies on discriminatory behaviour, bullying and harassment.

Many people won’t have given any thought to what it’s like to be lesbian, gay or bisexual in their workplace and won’t realise what behaviours others may find offensive. Effective training helps staff understand how everyone’s behaviour  contributes to creating a safe and comfortable working environment in which people can perform at their best.

We have recently undertaken some more indepth training in this specialist area and would like to share with you how we would use this to improve services.

Our staff will better understand the particular needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual service users are now better equipped to deliver services appropriately. Organisations that provide in-depth sexual orientation equality training to client-facing staff increase staff confidence in working with LGBTQ+ service users and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

We aim to improve this page in the coming week but if anyone visiting this page has any information which you feel would be of benefit for us to have here then please do contact us via email on: [email protected]

Thank You.

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